Daniel Stickler, M.D.

Dr. Daniel L. Stickler is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Apeiron ZOH Inc. He is the pioneer behind systems-based precision performance medicine, a new paradigm that re-defines medicine from the old symptoms-based disease model to one of limitless peak performance in all aspects of life. A physician to high-performing executives and entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their current state, he’s also an author, speaker, blogger and podcaster. He is the Medical Director for the Neurohacker Collective, a Google consultant for wearable technology, epigenetics, and AI in healthcare and a guest lecturer at Stanford University on Epigenetics in Clinical Practice. In 2008, a new world opened through the lens of genetics and epigenetics and his near obsession like fascination of the potentials for personalized human systems design led to the realization that we truly have the ability within us to take charge of our destiny and become the architects of our evolution.

Dr. Mickra Hamilton

Dr. Mickra Hamilton is Co-Founder and CEO of Apeiron Center for Human Potential/Apeiron Academy, and a Colonel and Human Performance Subject Matter Expert in the United States Air Force Reserves. She is a “Human SystemsDesigner,” and creative disruptor in the field of Epigenetic Human Potential Coaching creating a new paradigm for what is possible for human performance and potential. Dr. Hamilton skillfully works with a systems-based precision approach to optimize the performance and potential of the human system by leveraging genomic and epigenetic lifestyle strategies along with leading edge research and technologies. This personalized, evidence-based approach addresses the physiological, emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of the “human system” to enhance the human experience, both in how we interact with our internal and external environment and how this impacts the collective environment. Dr.Hamilton knows that homeostatic balance and thriving well-being is the very scaffolding of a life well lived and the beginning of a remarkable journey into the realms of limitless human potential.

Dr. Hamilton has always had an appetite for the adventures of life and the endless opportunities available to upgrade the human experience. Her path to optimized living through enhanced performance and potential began early with the questions,“What are the limits of human existence in one who knows no limits?” “How does the human experience change when all the perceived limitations are removed?”These questions charted the course for a lifelong quest for the answers. Significant training, discipline, focus and sustained actions over time resulted in the experiential knowing of the limitless nature of self and other. Recognizing that everything matters in our interactions, she consciously designs her experience to live life on purpose with a purpose in service to self and service to others, fully aware that they are one and the same.

Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey Marcus is the founder and CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. Since its founding, Onnit has become an Inc. 500 company and industry leader with over 250 products ranging from peak performance supplements to foods, fitness equipment, and apparel.
Inspired by his lifelong experience as a multisport athlete — as well as his background in ancient philosophy — his goal was to create a company that empowered customers to achieve their fullest human potential. With the launch of the firm’s flagship supplement Alpha BRAIN in 2011, Onnit was born.
Aubrey currently hosts The Aubrey Marcus Podcast, a destination for conversations with the brightest minds in athletics, business, science, and philosophy with over 30 million downloads on iTunes. He is also the instructor of a 16-week goal-acceleration program called Go For Your Win.
Last year, Aubrey led his first three-day seminar about relationships, called LOVE: Practice Makes The Master, and offered his insight to over 6,000 entrepreneurs during his roundtable discussion at the Synergy Global Forum, a two-day conference in New York City that brought together the world’s most admired business leaders, media moguls, literary icons, tech wizards and entertainers.
A sought-after public speaker and multi-platform media expert, Aubrey has been featured in major media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Men's Health and Men's Journal, among others. His book, “Own The Day, Own Your Life” was published by HarperCollins in April of 2018.

Jamie Wheal

Jamie Wheal is the Executive Director of The Flow Genome Project and leading expert in the neurophysiology of human performance. He is the author of the national bestselling book, Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work. His work combines a background in expeditionary education, wilderness medicine, and surf rescue, with over a decade of advising high-growth companies on strategy, execution, and leadership. Jamie's coaching ranges from Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Google, and Nike, to the U.S. Naval War College, and Red Bull. You'll find him speaking on the intersection of science and human potential to diverse, high-performance communities like Young President's Organization, Summit Series, TED, and MaiTai Global. At the Flow Genome Project, he leads a team of the world’s top scientists, athletes, and artists dedicated to mapping the genome of the peak-performance state known as Flow. 

Dr. Mario E. Martinez 

Dr. Mario E. Martinez is a clinical neuropsychologist. In 1998 he developed his theory of Biocognitive Science based on research that demonstrates how thoughts and their biological expression coemerge within a cultural history. Academic science continues to divide mind and body, as well as ignore the influence cultural contexts have on the process of health, illness and aging. For example, cultures that support growing older as a positive development associated with increased wisdom and abilities have higher numbers of centenarians living healthier lives, than cultures that view aging as a process of inevitable deterioration.

Kirk Parsley, M.D.

Kirk Parsley served as an Undersea Medical Officer at Naval Special Warfare Group One from June 2009 to January 2013. While there, he led the development and supervised the group's first Sports Medicine Rehabilitation center. He is a former SEAL, and received his Medical Degree from Bethesda, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS) in 2004. He interned in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Balboa Naval Hospital San Diego in 2005 and subsequently completed a Navy residency in Hyperbarics and Diving Medicine in 2006. Doctor Parsley has been a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine since 2006 and served as Naval Special Warfare's expert on Sleep Medicine.

Dan Engle, M.D.

Dr. Dan Engle, MD is a practicing psychiatrist, board certified in psychiatry and neurology. He graduated medical school at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, and finished his residency in psychiatry at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. After residency he completed a fellowship in child psychiatry at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, OR. His current practice combines functional medicine with integrative psychiatry to enhance the foundations of regenerative health and peak performance training.

Meaghan Foley, MS

Meaghan has a master’s degree in sport & performance psychology and is a NLP Master. She has a vast array of educational and professional experience specializing in resilience, performance & mindset, strength and conditioning, imagery and neurolinguistic programming. Meaghan is an authentic, charismatic presenter and teacher with over 10 years of coaching and training experience. Her clients range from beginning youth to elite professional athletes and come from all over the US: LA Galaxy Academy, Augusta Arsenal Soccer Club, Clairemont McKenna College, University of New Hampshire, just to name a few. But that’s not all, Meaghan also trains executives and professionals from renowned organizations including Google, EXOS, Pierce Atwood and the US military. Meaghan is an accomplished athlete and avid runner.

Dr. Melissa Grill-Petersen

Dr. Melissa Grill Petersen is the executive director of Apeiron Academy and is a sought out transformational epigenetic success coach, author, podcaster and speaker. For more than 20 years Dr. Melissa has been supporting transformational outcomes in high performing health visionaries and enthusiasts alike.

As a sought out Doctor of Chiropractic & Epigenetic Human Performance Success Coach, who is Board Certified in Holistic Health with a Masters in Wellness Leadership and Performance, Dr. Melissa has dedicated her career to uplift, inspire and enhance greater states of health, wellbeing and human flourishing across the planet. 

Leveraging genetics, epigenetics, peak performance and mindset mastery along with the most advanced neuro and psychophysiological modalities together with her clients, she assists to create a synergistic approach to infinitely expand one’s capacity for success in all facets of life.

Dr. Jimmy Leonette

Dr. Jimmy Leonette is the clinic director of Alpha Emerged, a precision health coaching company; Enliven Wellness, a multi-physician chiropractic, acupuncture, and functional healing center; and Enliven Occupational Health, a safety training, equipment service, and employee testing center. Dr. Leonette has extensive education and training in medical and alternative medicine with degrees in Chiropractic, Medical Technology and Occupational Hygiene & Safety, and certifications as an Acupuncturist and Medical Examiner.
He was a member of the International Device Cadre for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and was certified to perform inspections of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and biologics.

Dr. Jackie Kilraine

Dr. Jackie is the director of neuroenhancement technologies at Apeiron ZOH. She has a long history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Epigenetics, Neurofeedback, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Myofascial Release Therapy, Fibromyalgia and Wellness Coaching emphasizing empowering others to regain their natural state by uncovering the layers of their good health . Strong healthcare services professional graduated from Life Chiropractic College.

Julie Kaesberg, M.D.

Dr. Julie Kaesberg is a physician in the Apeiron Austin office. She is an emerging systems-based precision lifestyle medicine expert. She is a board certified anesthesiologist with deep interest in promoting and maintaining health, wellness, and longevity; without sacrificing aesthetics. She went to medical school at Uniformed Services University and completed her residency at Naval Medical Center San Diego. During this time, she achieved certification in integrative, alternative interests: aesthetics and acupuncture. She is a true “east meets west” physician and offers a unique perspective on mind, body, and spirit integration. She has had the opportunity to teach and mentor interns and residents at both Naval Medical Center San Diego and at University of Texas Southwestern. She was the Chief Medical Officer of 3D Medical Battalion with the Marines while living in the blue zone of Okinawa, Japan. Her extensive medical and leadership experience in the military afforded invaluable training in skills that will help catapult her in the emerging field of precision lifestyle medicine. She is personally committed to a healthy lifestyle with nutrition, exercise, sleep, and emotional wellness; cornerstones she integrates into the Apeiron experience. With over a decade of anesthesia under her belt, she is ready to help her clients ``wake up” to a better state of health and offers a unique skill set for trauma and PTSD therapies. She aims to challenge the traditional thought processes to achieve what was once unimaginable; transforming her clientele into the superhumans they are capable of becoming!

Amy Coleman, M.D.

Dr. Amy Coleman is the Medical Director of the Apeiron Corporate division in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is also CEO and founder of Wellsmart, a federally recognized woman-owned, veteran-owned company that delivers advanced healthcare systems to the government and military sectors. Dr. Coleman has eight years of military medical leadership experience as a United States Air Force human factors expert. She served as an expeditionary Flight Surgeon during Operation Iraqi Freedom and was promoted as the youngest and first female Commander of the Special Operations Clinic at the Air Force European Headquarters. She served as a dedicated physician and appointed consultant to fighter pilot squadrons, special forces units, US embassies, Generals, and to NASA for the Space Shuttle Trans-Atlantic Landing missions (TAL). 

Through the crafting of successful performance optimization programs for elite Airman, Dr. Coleman developed a deep understanding that streamlining health required a full spectrum, foundational approach. This starts with a “top-down” focus on evidence and systems-based medicine. Equally important is the “bottom-up” approach which includes the teaching and treatment towards greater relational mind and body connections. Recent studies have found acupuncture and eastern medicine wisdoms effective as complementary adjuvants towards this initiative. Dr. Coleman helped to orchestrate the adoption of acupuncture into the Air Force, which has proven to greatly reduce the use of opiates and restore greater functioning for veterans and active duty members. She was trained in Japanese Acupuncture from the Harvard program, and functional medicine from the Cleveland-Clinic based IFM model. 

Amber Sears

Amber Sears is an international yoga + pilates teacher and holistic lifestyle design coach with over a decade of experience helping thousands heal, transform and awaken to the highest version of themselves.

She specializes in producing deeply healing and transformative shamanic retreats and teacher trainings around the globe.  

Amber’s intensive work with Ayahausca began 7 years ago in the jungles of Costa Rica where she had the utmost pleasure of sitting with and ultimately assisting renowned medicine men and women in the Colombian and Peruvian traditions.  

She doesn’t serve medicine, nor is that her chosen path, but she supports a few key Peruvian elders from the Shipibo community who happily share their ancient lineage and tradition with the groups Amber organizes for them.  

Amber’s immense passion lies in facilitating the retreat experience, preparing all of her guests properly, and providing in depth integration coaching after their ceremonies 

Guenter Bergmann

Entrepreneur. Mystic. Alchemist. Ethnobiologist.

As a result of developmental trauma and 6 serious head injuries (TBI/concussion), Guenter found himself living a life limited by the impact of cPTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. With a deep desire for a better life, he embarked on a unique journey of healing. Desperate and determined he dove headstrong into a new world of medicine, quickly finding himself testing the efficacy of therapeutics not yet approved by the mainstream as well as many more esoteric modalities. Along his path, he’s found the support of licensed physicians, shamans, plant medicines, indigenous wisdom, psychedelics, neuroscience, epigenetics, and metabolics amongst others. After life changing success, Guenter now works to support others with teachings of human alchemy - healing and transformation.  

My healing journey resulted in profound transformation, a life free from the suffering I once endured, a new life. A life filled with love, rich relationships, and purpose. Being witness to the gifts of transformation ignited a deep passion for supporting others in realizing the same.

There’s a Hero’s Heart that lives in all of us; within that divinity, we discover our authentic selves and our purpose in the world. It is my personal life mission to help others transform their lives for the better, and for the good of all.”

Giselle Koy

Giselle Koy is a certified Epigenetic Coach with Apeiron. She speaks on the topic of Spiritual Epigenetics, an area where science and spirituality meet. She trains people to increase their "light" quotient by combining spirituality with high performance training techniques, enhancing their vitality and radiance.

Giselle is the Founder of the Conscious Media Festival in Austin, as well as a past member of the Vanity Fair's Founder Fair. She has given presentations on stages such as Paleofx, Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, Cosmic Awakenings in Sedona, Conscious Media Festival in Austin and others.

She has authored six books on the subject of spirituality with titles including "The Codes of Immortality," "The Modern Muse," "The Buddha Field," "ICONSCIOUSNESS," "The Platinum Ray" and "The Golden Christed Ray" all available on Amazon. She loves to connect people with their highest calling and guide them to live at Creator Level.


Wailana is a liberated wild woman who works with the science of sound to create psychoacoustic alchemy for human evolution. Her unique ability to perceive frequency movement allows her to generate sound structures that affect the whole human system. As a facilitator of immersive sound experiences for individuals and groups, she has witnessed sound act as a technology for accelerated healing, transformation, and expansion into future desired states of being. Her vision is to connect people with the inner master that exists within us all to reclaim authority as the brilliant creators of our lives and our world. 

Tah & Kole Whitty

Tah and Kole Whitty, hosts of Mentor In The Mirror Podcast, are playfully obsessed with human evolution and the necessity of integrating WITH the human body's natural processes for expansion.
Whether they tap into their former careers with Tah's 26 years in emergency medicine in NYC, the 18 years shared experience in personal training, Kole's former associations to substance abuse education following an overdose in 2000 that led her to work alongside the US government, the UN and national talk shows as Miss Utah Teen USA, to Tah and Kole's individual health crisis that brought each of them to the power of psychedelics and plant medicines for healing and health optimization.

Their unique blend of personal and professional experience in their combined 19 years of ayahuasca, psilocybin, san pedro and dozens more from various lineages, tribes and curanderos Tah and Kole have reframed the way they look at healing and transformation.

"We no longer use the term 'plant medicine' in our work as we do not believe anyone is broken. Instead we focus on utilization and collaboration with 'power plants' for personal empowerment and optimization."

Tah and Kole have worked with thousands of clients nationally and internationally including New York Times best selling authors, olympians, pro athletes, elite mentors, physicians and wellness obsessed entrepreneurs of varying fields who's high performance drives got them into physically compromising situations, diseases, collapsed personal relationships and emotional instability.

Whether through their 5 star elite masterminds in Peru, swimming with humpback whales in Tonga or their weekend mastermind intensives, Tah and Kole believe that Bio Hacking Is Cool, Bio Integration Is Key and they are committed to experiences that invigorate their clients, deepen their connections and elevate their intentions

Dr. Jason Sonners

Owner and Clinic Director of:

● Core Therapies Family Wellness Center www.CoreTherapies.net
● New Jersey Hyperbaric Oxygen Center www.newjerseyhbot.com
● HBOT USA Inc. www.hbotusa.com

As the owner and clinic director at Core Therapies, Dr. Jason Sonners primarily practices functional
medicine and is passionate about using detailed laboratory analysis and other tools to help his clients
take their health to the next level. He also takes on complex cases including autoimmune conditions,
chronic inflammation and neurologic dysfunction and uses a variety of methods to help improve
function and tap into the body’s innate ability to heal. He uses nutrition, detoxification, hyperbaric
oxygen and herbal therapies to improve the health and quality of life for his patients. Dr. Sonners works
with families all over the country helping them find answers to their toughest health questions as well as
ways they can reach optimal health and peak performance.

As the clinical director of New Jersey HBOT and HBOT USA, Dr. Jason Sonners utilizes Hyperbaric
Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for many of his patients and helps get Hyperbaric Oxygen both into the homes
of patients in need as well into the offices of doctors who want to build hyperbaric therapy clinics.

Dr. Sonners is on the faculty for the Medical Academy of Pediatric and Special Needs (MedMAPS) as well
as the International Hyperbaric Association (IHA) educating other doctors on alternative and
complementary treatment methods. He also guest lectures for various functional medicine conferences
around the country talking about regenerative medicine, the use of nutrition, fasting, red light therapy
and hyperbaric oxygen therapy on improving recovery from and performance in our lives.

Garrett Salpeter 

Known as "The Health Engineer," Garrett has taken his training in Engineering and Neuroscience and used it to create NeuFit. He first became passionate about the human body during his time as a hockey player, when he had numerous injuries and was frustrated with the traditional ways of addressing them. After learning about Functional Neurology and using it to help himself avoid a surgery, his outlook changed. In 2009, he left Engineering to start working in the back of a chiropractic office and share Functional Neurology with the people of Austin, TX. 

Combining these methods with older versions of electrical stimulation, he was able to help many clients achieve great outcomes. They were recovering faster from injuries, reversing chronic pain, and even seeing improvements in fitness and performance. Though momentum was building, Garrett saw limitations with the current technology. This insight inspired him to re-engage with engineering colleagues to create the NEUBIE, the patented ‘Neuro-Bio-Electric’ stimulator. 

Now, he and the NeuFit team have trained hundreds of practitioners in how to use the NEUBIE, including working directly with MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL Teams, major NCAA universities, Hospital Systems, P.T. and Chiropractic clinics, and Gyms. Garrett is focused on scientific research, with several clinical and academic studies currently underway, and continuing to pioneer new ways for NeuFit to help high-performing athletes and other special populations like those recovering from stroke, spinal cord injury, and M.S